Best Headphones | BoAt Rockerz 400 | BoAt Rockerz 600

Here We are introducing tow best headphones

  1. BoAt Rockerz 400 Rs. 1499/-
  2. BoAt Rockerz 600 2250/-
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About BoAt
A lifestyle brand started in 2015 that deals in fashionable consumer electronics. The product range has expanded to include an extensive catalog of headphones, earphones, speakers, travel chargers & premium cables. The brand has been gaining traction while riding the waves of Nirvana in the Audio Electronics sector. The average boAthead is prevalent across a number of categories.
Our “boAtheads” are the pillars upon which our foundation has been built. What makes a boAthead? That would be the trendsetters, a person that likes to make his/her presence known. The ones who love to rock out and have fun, to fearlessly dig deep and stay en-grained to their own truths. boAt’s distinct sound has brought known faces into our midst, showing that the love for good music is a universal one.

Plugging Into Nirvana is not an escape to an ending, but rather an entry to the beginning. Everyone is living in the now, in this world that never stops moving. The ones that don’t give up, laugh in the face of adversity and grow through the struggle are our very own boAtheads!

Who wouldn’t? After only 3 years in the industry, boAt Lifestyle has taken steps to introduce cutting edge products stamped with the gifts of durability and affordability. boAt does not endorse the life a person should have, but rather the one he or she chooses. An enabler to your actions, boAt knows no boundaries when it comes to accessorizing your style.

At boAt, it is understood that taking big steps forward in life is a slow process, and one that is revered. Regardless of circumstance, boAt Lifestyle encourages this and works towards attaining a state of Nirvana for all. 

The trust goes deep, because boAt is happiest when working with people that share our ideas and foundations. This has led to memorable associations across a number of categories our as fashion, Sports and music tie-up’s with some of the biggest names across various industries.

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