How To Make A Yemeni Black Tea || How to make a black Tea

Have you ever heard people criticizing your choices in having caffeinated drinks like tea and coffee? Though over-indulging in anything will have negative consequences, having an extra cup of black tea might not be as bad as you might have imagined.

We are know about black tea, how to make? and what is the benefit.? so today we are looking a great healthy black tea, actually it's a Yemeni style black tea. watch the video how to make this.


  • Water 1 cup
  • Cinnamon (small pees)
  • Clove (2-4)
  • Cardamom (1-2)
  • Sugar (1 Tea spoon)
  • Tea Powder 
How to make?

Step:1 - Boil the water then ad Cinnamon, Clove, Cardamom and sugar.
Step:2 - After boil the step:1 ingredients, then ad the tea powder and boil one time, now ready the tea.