iOS 12 Top Features

iOS 12

Apple has been rolled out the new OS for their smartphone and Mac devices. For smartphone They have revealed iOS 12 last day. And the new update will be only phones after released iPhone 5s. I mean iPhone 5s also capable of updating iOS 12 .
The new features are given below.

😊Enhancement in animations

Animation on your system is now more fluid.When you swipe up for control centre, recent apps, notification bar et cetera are no more animated. So you can enjoy the new system from few days.

😊50% Faster keyboard
😊70% Faster Camera Access
😊Two Times Faster Sheet share

😍😍New changes in Messaging 😍😍

😌 Memoji - Now We can create new animoji as our mood is
😌Memoji Maker - Letting you to customise your memoji. You can change the colour and the mood.
😌New Animoji - New two Animojis have been added to the shelf
😌Tongue and Wink detections- New software finds every expression in your face
😌Long Animoji
😌Camera, filter, text,shape effects .

😎Screen Time

New tools empower you to understand and make choices about how much time you spend using apps and websites.
😎Activity reports- reports your daily,weekly activity on screen.
😎For Kids- Use your family’s Apple IDs to set up Screen Time for your kids to keep an eye on how much time they spend on apps and websites. They can request more time for you to approve.
-App limit
-Allow always to access their device to track activity.


😛Grouped Notifications
😛Instant Tuning
😛Deliver quietly
😛 Siri notification suggestions
😛 critical alerts
😛 do not disturb during bedtime
😛 New options on do not disturb

Augmented reality

🤪Persistent and multiuser Experiences
🤪Three-dimensional object recognition
🤪Face tracking
🤪Scene reflection
🤪USDZ File format
🤪AR Quick look
🤪 Measure App


😘For you tab
😘New Sharing Suggestions
😘Intelligent Search suggestion
😘Place, Event search
😘Multiple keyword search
😘Improved import
😘RAW Photo support
😘Redesigned Album Tab


📸Improved Portrait Lighting
📸Portrait segmentation API
📸Improved QR code reader


🗣Siri Suggestion
🗣Add to Siri -Add shortcuts to Siri to run them with your voice on your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, or HomePod.
🗣New Shortcut App- Create or customize your own shortcuts to run multiple steps at once. Get started with examples from the gallery and personalize with steps from across your apps.
🗣Shortcut API- App developers can work with Siri to run shortcuts via a new SiriKit API.
🗣Motorsports- Scores.m,Standing, schedule etc
🗣Translation - Now support more than 40 languages.
🗣Celebrity facts - Knowledge about celebrators
🗣Food Knowledge- Things about food and contains
🗣Photos Memories search
🗣Password Suggestions and search


👩🏻Group FaceTime upto 32 Members
👩🏻FaceTime video and audio- you can now answer with your all Apple devices
👩🏻join any time in group video call
👩🏻Focus view in group FaceTime
👩🏻Ringless notification
👩🏻message integration- Merge group video call to messaging
👩🏻Animoji and Sister developments
👩🏻End to end encryption

🔐 Privacy and Security

💪🏾App Updates

📖 Apple Book
📚 Stocks
🛎Voice Memo

New dictionary
More battery info
Contact less student ID card
CarPlay navigation
English Thesaurus