USB Type Explaining || Type-A,B,C

The first USB was designed in 1994 by intel Microsoft IBM Nortel combat DEC etc And some other companies. The aim was to make the computer system very easily, that’s way we can improve the computing system to a new level. And the first integrated circuits was found by An Indian techie 👩‍💻 Indian origin Ajay Bhatt In 1995 for Intel company. The USB 1.0 was designed in 1996 and a wide version of its 1.1  was designed in 1998.The 2.0 version of the USB was listed in April 2000. 3.0 USB found in 2008. When the first generation USB was only up to 1.5 MG per second and 3.0 cable can carry a 5GB per second data. And the file closing and power using was heavily reduce it by the invention of 3.0 cables. USB 3.1 was found in 2013. In 2014 the USB type C ports were in market. Before that there was USB 0.8 ,0.9, 0.99 ,1.0RC , 1.1 , 3.2. 
But the Apple Cables are entirely different from common USB cable. It doesn’t have a hole.
 Every and each USB were used for different uses like power revision power consumption that as transferring etcetera.
Type of USB’s That commonly used.

USB type a connectors are extremely common and can be found on one end of the almost every USB cable these days . they are used to connect various devices such as smartphones cameras keyboards and so forth to computers and can also plug into wall charger is used for charging outlets.
Type B
This cables are not quite as common and versatile as the others in this list,As there are primarily used to connect printers and scanners to computers. They have a square shape with beveled exterior Connors on the top. Although they still used today USB type B connectors are being slowly phased out.

Mini USB
This was the standard for various devices while back but has been faced out the most part of the replace it by the microUSB connector described below. You will find it on all the models of areas Garda specially cameras MP3 police and game controllers among others. Ajit‘s name suggests it smaller than the regular USB but larger than compared to the successor.

The micro USB connector is very small and I don’t manufacture to start producing slimmer devices. Although it is being faced Road by USB type C described below, micro USB is still the most common word found on most smartphones tablets and other devices today. It has been adopted by almost every manufacturer around the Globe, the expansion of Apple and maybe few other companies.

USB Type C
This is the latest to USB port that’s found a new way smart phones as well as other mobile devices and offers faster that as a transfer rates than previous USB versions. It’s biggest advantage is that unlike its predecessor it’s reversible and can be plugged either up or down. It should become the new standard for mobile devices, but you’re not quite there yet, as the manufacturers are still releasing new handsets older micro USB ports.