Google I/O 2018 || New Features of Google Assistant, Google Photos, Google Map and Gmail

Yes the wait is over, Google Inc Officially announced today about the new comers from the company. The Google I/O 2018 Have been made and astonishing promises and new inventions or development. The major promises have been came from the company is very interesting. The revolutionary artificial intelligence(AI) And all new android P beta.

        The Artificial Intelligence determines the health and functions done by body and letting us to know about the situation. The next major thing is suggested actions. When we are in busy in doing something in our Android device, it automatically finds the necessary helps and makes everything better and faster. The smart Suggestion is one of the major newcomer into the platform. It means, if you are typing words we are writing a letter in mail, the system automatically finds what should be the next word and it complete automatically. it makes us very easier to write everything and it is so simple than before. Thanks to google again. The next thing Google have been added this new voices to Google assistant. Google has been added six new voices in different ways. If you have to appoint or something , The Google assistant turns to a Visual communicator, and communicates like something we are calling and we do not need to ask again hey Google hey Google. Again thanks to Google.

And the next thing is in Google maps. The Google maps have been completely redesigned and weather and smart Navigation Have been changed completely. The walking navigation is the main change brought by Google. If you’re walking forward by our mobile camera is on , The Google finds the things which are in front of us hotels et cetera. In live weather updates can be shown in the screen. 
    The next one is android P. The battery and redesigned UI will make things very accurate and faster. It seems to be like iOS 11 or completely copied from Apple iPhone X. The app tray and recent app tray have been done like Apple. No navigation buttons more. Just one point is available in Android P. The name is still hidden. The prediction accuracy has been raised to 60%. And we can expect a complete latest all new OS in latest android phones.

Smart reply, Image labelling, face Detection accuracy, landmark detection accuracy, barcode scanner, understanding our habits, The redesigned DND (Shus), et cetera have been added to the new android P.

Currently the Google is just rolled out the android P beta version, Expected to release recently made Google phones, Nokia phones, Vivo, One plus, Mi, Sony, Essential. We can say the Google is making us wonder day by day like Apple always does