What is Evernote..? || Explain

Evernote it’s a wonderful app for who like to write dairy or any articles. And it’s also a little cloud storage app. You can use this app for saving notes, voice memo, save documents, save photos, save official signatures and files, chat with your business partners, save business cards and many more features are available in this app.

One word it’s a personal diary for saving your all thoughts in private. It supports all devices and OS. And also you can use this app on multiple devices at same time with login your accounts. It’s a free app but some features only available in premium version.

In basic version only available 60MP storage per month at sync 2 devices only. But if you using the premium version, then you can get 10GB storage per month with unlimited devices. If you want to get more space in a the basic pack there have an option for increasing the storage.

More about this please watch the full video


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