History Of Flipkart History

Flipkart is the world’s third biggest online store after America’s Amazon and China’s Alibaba. Making an Own company and resign from that company And again joining in is funny. And there is a man like that is Steve Jobs. Like that resign up from Facebook and started a new company named WhatsApp and the company get a massive response from public, then Facebook bought it in an historic amount. That’s the story of WhatsApp. Like that every successful man has a dark story behind. Flipkart too have a story like this.

   Binny Bansal and Sachin Bansal were co-workers in amazon.com. We may doubt that they are brothers, but actually they are not. They studied together in IIT Delhi. They resigned from amazon.com and started a start-up named flipkart.com in 2007. And the response was unbelievable.

        They worked based on India’s IT hub Bangalore. After reading books by the public, they decided to add another some goods too. By then they decided to took over some companies and the results were a complete failure. But some shares like mynthra.com and eBay.in were a successful deal. In 2014, they initiated a shopping festival named BIG BILLION DAY, and that made Flipkart more popular and they achieved the business of $300M. And today Flipkart is a great opportunity for the young techies that provides a job for more than 30000 people.