Features Of Google Photos

Google photos is an application that was initiated in 2015. The application lets us upload our photos save on Google. We cannot directly upload the photos into the application. Most of the stock android phones have only photos application to open the photos, or they need a third party application from Google play store. Especially in one plus phones. All we just need is a Gmail ID, if you have an android phone the Gmail ID will be there so we don’t need to create a new one. 

      Many of the android users don’t know what is mean by Photos application. The photos application lets us browse the photos from any Google products like Google Drive and Google plus. The photos Will be synchronised with both the applications and if you let the application for permission to our gallery, The app will store the photos from  Gallery and will make a folder based on year. Then you can enjoy your photos whenever you need, it will not be erased from your account until your account getting deleted.

 Your photos in Google Drive your photos in Google plus all will be stored in that single application and you can enjoy whenever you need. Every photo will be in the same size and same clear that you have taken by the device and the details in it will be clear, it will not be hacked so easily because it’s an application by Google. Actually, we don’t know whether we are using or not but it’s actually we are using the medium.Almost every android user is uploading photos daily in drive or using their device for taking photos. Therefore millions of photos of synchronising with this application and we cannot count how much photos actually according to this application without your knowledge. This is a huge initiation by Google.