Increase Phone Storage || A Hidden Feature That You Must Know

So many smartphones users are facing a big issue that Storage space issue. If you're using a low internal storage android phone like 16GB or 32GB variants then you got the problem properly. 
 In this video below we are showing a trick that some people don't know about it. As well as we are introducing two Android apps to manage your phone’s storage.

   The hidden feature is you can found it from your internal storage. There have a lot of thumbnails that added automatically on your device. We need to delete it. So opens your ”File Manager” app and go to settings and turn on ” Show hidden files” then open ”internal storage and select ”DCIM” folder, after open ”thumbnails” and select all and delete it. That's solved. And you can also use this two apps for managing your phone’s storage. One app helps you that clear the empty folders and another one is helping you delete duplicate files. 

How are duplicate files and empty folder created?
* When a file is accidentally downloaded twice or trice from the internet.
* When Android media apps create cashed images or thumbnails.
* When you receive an image/video/audio files and share the same file with another contact via any apps, in such as cases multiple copies are created.
* When you getting any errors receive files or downloading.
* When backup apps take a backup of your device.
* When you watching online videos
And there have a lot of reasons for creating an empty folder, thumbnails or duplicate files.

Duplicate Files Fixer
Duplicate Files Fixer is one of the best Android apps for scan duplicate files such as Images, Videos, Apps and etc..
It’s available in Play Store and it’s absolutely free 
This app helps you to find duplicate files like images/videos/audios/apps and another file and delete easily. 

Empty Folder Cleaner
This is a very simple app for deleting the empty folder. This app is free on Play Store. 

  This app helps you to delete the empty folder with just one click this app size is very small. And it's also an ad-free app. The app you can use to scan internal or external storage but if you need to delete empty folders from your external storage? then you want to root your device.