How to mirror Android Phone's screen to PC with out any software..?

Mirror your Android phone’s screen on your PC without using any third-party software. Is it possible? Yes, if you're using windows 10 OS then you can do this. 
    Please follow this steps( watch the video ). First of all, you must be running both divides are the same WiFi connection. 

   And now open your PC and go to ”settings” and select ”system”, then select ”Projecting to this PC” then allow the permission ”Available everywhere”

  Now move the next option that ”Ask to project to this PC” and Select ”First time only” and turn off the ”Require PIN for pairing”. Now the PC’s settings are OK. 

   Now let's move to your phone. And open notifications panel then select ”Cast Screen” some devices showing that place ”Smart view”. 
    If your device showing ”Cast Screen” then click on it and select ”More settings” and turn on the Cast Screen” 
  Now display your PC’s name, click on that and enjoy.

    If your phone showing their ”Smart view”? It's very simple for mirroring. There have not more steps only one step. That click on ”Smart View” now open a small window and select the device. Now wait for little time and enjoy.