What is The Surface Web, Deep Web, Dark Web and Dark net..?

During this period peoples are using the Internet. But more than people are don't know the background of the internet. The internet world is very big. There have a lot of search engines and websites and many more parts. In this movement, we are discussing the Surface web, Deep web and dark web. If you are using the internet you must know about this are.

1. Surface Web

The surface part of the web. The websites, web pages and information that you find using web search engine like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. only portray that you are exploring just the surface of the web. Search Engines use the crawling process to index the web pages. Thus, the general public access only surface web. 4% of the content is only available to the general public in the entire ocean of the web. And every normal person can access this area.

2. Deep Web

Deep Web is the database of Web. The content that you cannot find using the search engine is termed as deep web. For example- If you search for something specific in the search engine it will give you many links and you will only find the content that you are looking for after clicking those links. Every website has its own search box. Thus the search engine’s search is limited to navigate the website. It won’t give you the links that are deep inside the website even if your search is specific. You have to go through different websites to find the particular link. In simple terms, there are places in the web that cannot be accessed by search engines but can be accessed if you have an address. This is the big part of the internet.  96% of the content is available in the entire ocean of web.

3. Dark Web

This is only 6% of the content is available in the ocean. The data that are purposefully unrevealed and is not attainable through any standard web browsers is termed as the dark web. Dark Web is mostly used for illegal and nefarious activities. The content inside Dark Web is usually found using the Tor network. It is an online black market, infamous for selling and purchasing illegal drugs, Spirits and etc.. In this dealing are moving 99% with bit coin. Another 1% only doing indirect that friend to friend or anything like that,

Dark Net

This is A different network that is encrypted and is created upon the existing internet is Darknet. It can only be accessed by using some specific configuration of the tools and software. The Dark web and Darknet are not the same. But this is the way to the dark web. There have a lot of browsers, Some of the popular darknet browsers are Freenet, Tor, GNUnet, I2P, OneSwarm, RetroShare, etc. 

Two types- i. Friend-to-friend networks (used for sharing files using peer-to-peer connection) ii. Privacy networks (such as Tor). Darknet is mainly used for doing illegal activities- computer crime, Purchase or sell illegal goods and services, news leaks, mass surveillance, pirated movies, child pornography, etc.