What can you if your phone is stolen?

What can you if your phone is stolen?
  More than peoples facing this issue.
In this video, (video below) we are introducing a very good app to find your smartphone or tablets are getting back.

The app name is "CrookCatcher". The CrookCatcher installed on your Smartphone or tablet, you might have a chance of getting that back..!

   There have some steps to find your phone very fast and easy when you install the app. After installing open the app and set up the steps what I showing in the video.
   So must watch the full video after downloading the app and use perfectly. This app very helpful for finding the theft with photo and current locations.

   Key Features
  • Work with pin code, password and pattern lock.
  • Take a photo when someone tries to unlock your phone with the wrong code.
  • Sends Email with photo, GPS coordinates, accuracy, street address and map with which can track your device location at any time.
  • it is completely silent and secret (turn off notifications in settings).
  • Select number of unlock attempts before picture is taken
  • Tweakable GPS settings (timeout and desired accuracy)
If you need more features you must upgrade the app to the premium version, there have lot off features