Hide WhatsApp Chat Name..!

We are using WhatsApp in some public places like Buses, Trains, Home, Office, Classrooms and etc.. But there will be a lot of eyes peeking your screen and those people can't mind their own business. Then how to avoid to know who is chatting with me?
In this video, I'm talking about "How to hide chatting head from your WhatsApp.!" So, please watch the video below.

To do that we need an app, the app name is Hide Chat Name, available in Play store. If you want to download this app.? You can download the download button below.
The app very useful for who maintain secret relationships. It's very easy to use. And you can also give a fake name, fake profile pic and fake chatting status

Key features
  • Instant guard with a single tap on the floating icon.
  • Just a single tap and hide or change the profile details.
  • You can give a fake name, pic, status.
  • Move the icon where ever you want.