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Hide WhatsApp Chat Name..!

We are using WhatsApp in some public places like Buses, Trains, Home, Office, Classrooms and etc.. But there will be a lot of eyes peeking your screen and those people can't mind their own business. Then how to avoid to know who is chatting with me?
In this video, I'm talking about "How to hide chatting head from your WhatsApp.!" So, please watch the video below.
To do that we need an app, the app name is Hide Chat Name, available in Play store. If you want to download this app.? You can download the download button below.
The app very useful for who maintain secret relationships. It's very easy to use. And you can also give a fake name, fake profile pic and fake chatting status

Key features Instant guard with a single tap on the floating icon.Just a single tap and hide or change the profile details.You can give a fake name, pic, status.Move the icon where ever you want.

Now Your Phone Never Can Switch Off Anyone Without Your Permission

Now you can protect your Android phone from theft. Ho to protect.? Don't worry here have app for helping you that app name is "LockIO". In this video, I'm showing you how to use this app and set up your phone anyone never can switch off your phone without your permission.

After install and set up this app on your mobile, If your phone was lost and take anyone to try to switch off that phone, then this app work properly. You can lock your phone with a password, pin or pattern lock after an attempt to switch off or restart then request the code. When you type the correct code then only can switch off. This app also you can use for app locker and media locker. You can lock the important apps with a pin, and also you can hide your photos, videos and important voice notes from the gallery. This app very use full for all Android users..! If you want to download app..? Click on the download button below..! Key FeaturesLock the access to power off and restart your phone by r…

A Best Application For Those Who Love Trips..! || Google Trips App Review

Incredible in the world with the Google Trips app. It's the most useful trip planning app from Google. There have awesome features for who love the travel. This app you can use anywhere in this world and this also supports iOS and Android devices. How to use this app.? Watch the full video below. If you need to download this app click on the download button below.
There have a lot of features. Offline Access If you going any place there have no internet access. Don't worry, Google Trips is available for offline. So you can access your places and all information. Make Day Plans You can make a travel plan with "Google Trips". Find a popular place and make a trip plan to easier your travel. And Organized on a map that you can customize based on your interested places available at a time. Automatic Trip Organization
Your travel information automatically gathered from Gmail. Also organized into the individual trip. Every trip contains day plans, reservations, food and accommo…

What can you if your phone is stolen?

What can you if your phone is stolen?
  More than peoples facing this issue.
In this video, (video below) we are introducing a very good app to find your smartphone or tablets are getting back.

The app name is "CrookCatcher". The CrookCatcher installed on your Smartphone or tablet, you might have a chance of getting that back..!

   There have some steps to find your phone very fast and easy when you install the app. After installing open the app and set up the steps what I showing in the video.
   So must watch the full video after downloading the app and use perfectly. This app very helpful for finding the theft with photo and current locations.

Key Features Work with pin code, password and pattern lock.Take a photo when someone tries to unlock your phone with the wrong code.Sends Email with photo, GPS coordinates, accuracy, street address and map with which can track your device location at any is completely silent and secret (turn off notifications in settings).Select nu…

How to Hide WiFi Who Never Can See..?

Some wifi users are facing hacking or unwanted users. So in this video, we are talking how to hide our wifi.? Is this method very useful for all wifi users.! And this method you can do on your smartphones or your PC. Before hiding your wifi password you just need to know the router's IP address. If you using an Android phone so you download an app for find IP address. The app name is "Router Setup Page". The download button below.
This method also you can use to change your wifi password. For more details watch the full video. If you want to download the app click on the download button below.

Glaxy A8 Plus Specifications || Price

Samsung Galaxy A8 Plus 2018 is one of the best mid range smartphones from Samsung. This phone was released on January 6th, and you can buy this phone from Amazon. The sales starting on January 20nt. The price comes with 32,990/- INR.  This phone is a good performance and good build quality. This phone is resplendent in metal and glass, it’s thoughtfully designed to fit comfortably in your hands. And this phone is a IP68 water and dust resistant certified. The display is Super AMOLED infinity Display, it’s working in 18.5:9 ratio.

The Galaxy A8+’s highlights are best to build quality and Selfie Cameras. The Cameras are a masterpiece in a snap, it’s rear 16MP(f/1.7) camera take stunning pictures that are bright and clear. The Galaxy A8+ 2018 is the first dual selfie camera phone from Samsung. The dual front camera 16MP+8MP(f/1.9) with live focus mode takes selfies to another level. Bokeh effects and background blur effects make your photos perfect.
The Galaxy A8+ performance is very good. …

Find Saved WiFi Password Using Android Phone

We are connecting so many WiFi connections on our Android phone, but sometimes we are forgetting that passwords.
In this video, we are discussing, how to find the saved WiFi passwords on our Android Phone.?

Watch the full video and learn how to find the saved passwords. The method only you can use after root your Android phone. There was an application for finding saved WiFi passwords. The app is very used fully for finding saved passwords. You can download the app here the button below.

If you want to use this app perfectly? You must root your Android Phone. If you don't know about rooting so watch the video.

After watching the video you can decide to want root or not.!

Type English Without Grammar Mistake..! iOS, Android, Windows And Mac

If you don't know typing English perfectly..? You don't worry, Here have a solution for that,  The Grammarly Keyboard helps you write mistake-free and with ease in any app you use on your mobile device. It provides hundreds of checks and features, along with seamless integration. Whether you’re sending an urgent email, important LinkedIn message, or essential Facebook post, you can write from your phone with confidence. The Grammerly keyboard you can use Windows, iOS and Android Devises, this keyboard very use full for typing big sentences like blog, article and ect..! And this Keyboard also perfect mach for iPhone's 3D touch, If you need more details about this keyboard.? So watch the video, Download app click the download button bellow

Key Features Easy to set upSophisticated grammar checkerContextual spelling checkerAdvanced punctuation correctionVocabulary enhancementsHelps you understand your mistakes and avoid them in the futureSee short, clear explanations for every corr…

Top 5 Amazing Browsing Features That You Don't Know

During this period there will be more than peoples are using the Internet. Internet users also use internet browsers. But more people don't know the full features of the browser.
In this video, I'm introducing five exciting features that you do not know about that. Of course, you will always benefit from the features mention that in this video.
Here some features suppose you know or don't know. If you want to know that so please watch the full video.