How to root all Android Devices

In this app you can use for root android devices, and meny more features are there
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This app is simply the best Android Root tool in the industry with everything just simplified. All you need to do is to connect your Android, find the "Android Root" button and click it.
The advanced Android Root Module recognise and analyse your Android device and choose the appropriate Android-root-plan for it automatically. You don`t need to worry about data loss or other issues. Make yourself a cup of coffee and watch the power of your Android getting unleashed - a few minutes will do!

How to use this app? Must watch the video bellow

This app also use iOS and Android devices
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  • Backup Medias & Documents
  • Transfer Medias & Dpcuments iOS & Android
  • Manage Files are Original and Duplicates
  • Make Costom Ring Tunes iOS/Android
  • Export Medias from iOS/Android
  • Create or Edit Animated GIFs
  • Use Like FileExplorer
  • Application Manager
  • Root Allmoste All Android Versions And Devices


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